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Lactodiol Treatment Shampoo: Anti Dandruff

Lactodiol Anti Dandruff ShampooIdeal for visible dandruff problems as well as prevention treatments. Its Vitamin Complex (Vit. A group B, E, F & H) restores hair's natural vitality and beauty.


Lactodiol Treatment Shampoo: Frequent Use

Lactodiol Frequent Use ShampooFor sensible or irritated scalp. Might be used in combination with other Lactodiol Treatment shampoos for frequent use. Its extra-mild formula revitalizes your hair and restores its natural beauty.


Lactodiol Treatment Shampoo: Greasy Hair

Lactodiol Greasy Hair ShampooEliminates the grease excess from your hair and scalp thanks to the sinergy of Vegetal Extracts and Tiolisina of its formula.


Lactodiol Treatment Shampoo: Hairloss

Lactodiol Hairloss ShampooPrevents hair loss and revitalizes hair thanks to its specific formula with Vegetal Extracts, Pantenol and Vitamines A, group B, E, F and H.


Lactodiol Treatment Shampoo: Weak Hair

Lactodiol Weak Hair ShampooIdeal for damaged and weak hair. Its formula with hydrolyzed Keratin, Panthenol, Vitamin A group B, E, F & H, reestructurates hair fiber, revitalizes your hair and moisturizes your scalp.