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Nailine Nail Treatment: Bitter (anti-bite)

Nailine Nail Treatment: Bitter (anti-bite)Put an end to your nail biting habit. With a nasty, bitter taste.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Calcium

Nailine Nail Treatment CalciumFor brittle nails, improves nail resistance against splitting.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Cuticle Remover

Nailine Nail Treatment: Cuticle RemoverDissolves the excess of cuticular tissue on the nail plate


Nailine Nail Treatment: Hardener

Nailine Nail Treatment: HardenerIncreases the resistance of the nails (avoiding fracture and lamination).


Nailine Nail Treatment: Restoring Foundation

Nailine Nail Treatment: Restoring FoundationReduces the imperfections and irregularities of the nails. Protects nails before applying enamel.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Revitalizer

Nailine Nail Treatment: RevitalizerPreserves the optimal level of moisturization for the nails to grow strong and healthy.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Top Coat

Nailine Nail Treatment: Top CoatTop shining effect for your nails. Moisturizing (Aloe Vera) and anti-aging (Vit. E) effects.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Toughener

Nailine Nail Treatment: ToughenerIncreases resistance. Moisturizing and regenerative effects. Without toluene nor formaldehide.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Whitener

Nailine Nail Treatment: WhitenerEnhances nail colour tone, providing a natural shine and glow. Without toluene nor formaldehide.


Nailine Nail Treatment: Yellow Nails

Nailine Nail Treatment: Yellow NailsPrevents from nail discoloration, enhances nails natural colour.