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Nailine Lip Balm: Aloe Vera

Nailine Lip Balm: Aloe VeraIts content in Aloe Side provides intensive moisturizing, emolient, nourishing and antiinflammatory properties.


Nailine Lip Balm: Natural

Nailine Lip Balm: NaturalSoft and creamy. This buttery lip moisturizer is made from the pure, cold-pressed oil of the cacao bean, along with a rich mixture of nature’s most skin-friendly oils.


Nailine Lip Balm: Shea Butter

Nailine Lip Balm: Shea ButterAdds to the base formula of our lip protectors the Shea butter component, its application leaves on the lips a fine layer that nourishes them during hours while protecting them from the cold, heat and sun.


Nailine Lip Balm: Strawberry

Nailine Lip Balm: StrawberrySoft and creamy with flavor, scent and color of strawberry. Sun protection factor (SPF) 4.